27 Jun 2013

Vale Stables Ltd – Choosing Materials for your Horse Stable Panels

Vale Stables Ltd – Choosing Materials for your Horse Stable Panels

The process of building brand new equine housing or converting an existing structure is extremely challenging, as there are numerous components involved in effecting a successful project. While some of these are obvious and easy to manage, however, there are others that can easily be overlooked by those who are inexperienced or unsure of the typical stable structure. Take the choice of infill panels for the lower section of your stalls, for example, which provide protection, security and insulation against the occasionally biting cold.

Your Infill Panels: The 3 Best Materials

Despite their significant importance and dual functionality, the selection and purchase of infill panels is not often a leading priority among stable designers and owners. The material that you use is of pivotal importance, as each has its own attributes and core advantages. Consider the following: –

Pressure Treated Softwood: – While the safety and security of your horses will always remain of paramount importance, it cannot be denied that cost is an increasingly influential factor in 2013. Thanks to economic pressure and continuing hardship, you may well find your budget constraints demand the need for a low cost purchasing option. If this is the case, you should be sure to select pressure treated softwood, which is extremely affordable and also protected by a sizable 15 year guarantee.

ŸHardwood: For those with a more forgiving and flexible budget, however, there remains a wider range of options that are worthy of further consideration. Take hardwood, for example, which is an extremely attractive material that boasts an array of various finishes and aesthetics. Linseed and teak oil are particularly popular on the current market, as they provide an extremely alluring and professional image to visitors. This material is firmly transfixed to the middle of the road when it comes to price, and is ideal for those who have traditional and classical design tastes.

Recycled Plastic: There are many motivating factors that influence contemporary consumer behaviour, with the needs to fulfill an environmental obligation one of the most prominent. It is this drive that has seen recycled plastic emerge as arguably the most popular infill material, and one that boasts minimal shrinkage, robust longevity and absolutely no need for long term maintenance. Also extremely secure, it is available in a host of bright and pastel colours and offers stable owners the chance to create a sustainable living space for their horses.00

The Bottom Line for Stable Owners

In the quest for functional materials and innovative portable equine housing solutions, you will need to partner with an industry accredited firms. Vale Stables offer a viable example, as they provide external and internal stabling components and can help you with your specific conversion or construction project.