15 Nov 2016

OAHA to host Arabian Show at Canterbury March 11-12th

The Ocala Arabian Horse Association, is a non-profit organization, formed in 1994 to encourage and promote interest in the Arabian horse through educational programs, publicity and horse shows. Our membership includes a wide variety of Arabian enthusiasts; from breeders to nationally known farms and trainers, to those who simply enjoy the pleasure of owning an Arabian horse.

Our membership would total over a thousand years of experience with this wonderful breed. OAHA holds AHA / USEF and USDF recognized shows for Purebred and Half Arabians, which are Region 12 qualifiers. In March we have the pleasure of presenting our Annual Amateur Show.

Over the years we have also held several educational clinics ranging from grooming to performance training, with lots of hands-on groups. .

The Annual Arabian Horse Show will be held at Canterbury Showplace see details here.

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