23 Apr 2016

Neglected horses get well-deserved help thanks to fundraiser

What a great weekend. Arredondo Dressage Society went above and beyond to make it a success. The total funds raised aren’t in yet but we are sure it was a lot. The Arredondo Schooling show on Sunday was wonderful as well. The rides went all day long.

Southeast Horse Shows will be hosting the Cinco de Mayo recognized dressage show this weekend and they have told us that are going to continue the fundraising for HPAF by asking you to consider donating back your ribbon at the end of the show. For each ribbon donated back in good condition they will donate $1 to HPAF. They plan on doing this for all of their shows this year.

What a great idea!

Learn more below:

NEWBERRY, FL – Abused and neglected horses in North Central Florida are getting the help they deserve thanks to a fundraiser in Newberry.

The 7th Annual Horses Helping Horses fundraiser was held for the Horse Protection Association of Florida on Saturday.

Riders bid on one-on-one lessons with trainers.

Bridles, saddles, and other gear were also sold at a used tack sale. All of the money raised went to helping the horses.

“They are listeners, they are healers, they are a lot of different things to a lot of different people,” said Heather Stalker, the Chairperson of the Horses Helping Horses event. “So this is our way to help horses have a better life.”

The association typically raises around $5,000 a year during the event. This year, they hope to raise more.

Morgan Silver, the Executive Director for the Horse Protection Association of Florida, rescued a horse named Polo three years ago from her neglective owner.

Polo was extremely underweight, and close to death.

“She was too weak from starvation to get up, she had a hole in her spine from them riding her in emaciated condition,” said Morgan Silver, the Executive Director for the Horse Protection Association of Florida.

After 12 weeks of treatment, Polo gained more than 300 pounds.

Now Polo stays in a pasture, and the only work she’ll have to do is be the association’s brand ambassador showing that other horses can also overcome adversity.

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