19 Jul 2013

Bio-Cube Comes to Canterbury

We are excited to welcome Great Lakes Agra as they introduce the Bio-Cube and other products to the riders and other patrons of Canterbury Showplace Events. Many of the products can be purchased in small quantities or in bulk. For purchasing information call toll free 1-855-858-3060.

For Dealer Inquiries:

Contact Barb Booth
Sales and Marketing Manager
Florida Equine Feed Distributors Inc.
13243 NW 82 Street Road
Ocala, Florida 34482

Toll Free: 1 352 547 4795
Facsimile: 1 352 547 4904
E mail: barb.booth@floridaequinefeed.com

Canadian Bio-Cube® Inc. uses only premium Ontario hay in the processing of our natural forage cubes. This clean, soft, green, fine-stemmed forage is the result of hay grown in limestone rich soils specific to Ontario’s unique geography. The longer growing days and cooler nights of the Great Lakes micro-climate, coupled with colder winters, also aids with the reduction of insects and disease allowing for an exceptional harvested crop year after year.

Good quality forage is the cornerstone of the equine diet essential for gastrointestinal health and overall well being. Ideally formulated as a full or partial replacement for inadequate hay and pasture, Bio-Cube® is processed to ensure clean, mould and dust free forage cubes in every bag. They have proven ideal for horses with respiratory or digestive challenges.