07 Dec 2017

A Holiday Gift Guide for All the Riders on Your List

The days of Christmas shopping are upon us once again, bringing the perfect opportunity to give some great gifts to the horse lovers on your list.  Maybe that horse lover is you!  Feel free to indulge your friends, loved ones, and yourself with some must-have equestrian gear and accessories this holiday season.

And while those of us involved in competing, showing, and horse care might be the kinds of folks who already “have it all,” we’re always looking for that next tool to make our work a little easier, or that stylish accessory everyone at the stable will be talking about.  We’re here to get you holiday happy and ready with this handy guide of gift ideas so that the equestrian athletes in your life will look just as stylish show jumping as Usain Bolt does in a calm and cool competition.  

Riding gloves are very popular at the moment, which makes sense as the colder months approach.  Get your favorite horse lover a beautiful pair of riding gloves to wear exclusively for riding when it’s cold out.  From leather to insulated gloves, fleece or waterproof, there are many different types.  In fact, why not get a few different pairs so the rider in your life has a choice when they head out to the stables?

Staying with the seasonal theme, if you’re going to gift some riding gloves, you might as well provide a riding jacket as well!  The equine-inclined recipients on your list will absolutely fall in love with a warm riding jacket as they shower you with praise for being the best gift giver of the year.  State Line Tack has some amazing jackets available online in a range of colors and sizes, including men’s and women’s — so whomever you’re buying for can stay warm and cozy in the yard and on the steed.

Chances are that most riders you know already own a pair of high-quality riding boots. But what about yard boots? A lot of riders and horse lovers spend just as much time in and around the stables as they do riding, so what better holiday gift than something they can wear specifically while they’re doing the dirty work that makes this crazy horse life worth it? Find them some nice, warm and waterproof boots.  You’re sure to have a hit gift on your hands.

If the horse lovers you know participate in shows, gifting them clothes exclusively for the show will definitely be well-received at Christmas.  Get them a high-quality competition jacket so they really stand out doing dressage.  If you’re shopping for warmer weather competition wear, there are all kinds of different shirts that will let your rider make a fashion statement at the show.  Toggi offers excellent quality shirts and clothes at friendly prices, so you can get your equestrians something they will use again and again without breaking the bank.

Many horse lovers enjoy reading about these regal animals in their spare time.  So, what better gift to get them than a subscription to their favorite horse magazine? You can pay for a year’s subscription upfront, and you know it will be a gift that they will enjoy year-round when a new issue shows up in the mail every month.  Horse & Rider magazine subscriptions start at $9.97, so get in there now and get them a present that they will absolutely love!

Armed with these gift ideas, you’re ready to make Christmas merry and bright for the horse lovers in your life. Happy shopping, and Happy Holidays! 

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